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Academy Shop and Reprographics


Orders can be placed on-line using the page on the chool website (further details below) and will be available for collection from the academy shop on the following dates:

MONDAY 4 SEPTEMBER 2023   8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

It is advisable to phone or email Mrs Prunty in advance as the times and dates may change due to unforeseen circumstances

For appointments, contact Mrs Prunty on the academy number: 0208 897 2001 or


Placing orders for uniform items and paying online

Orders and payment for items such as stationery, books & uniform from the Academy Shop can be made on online, or paid by Debit or Credit card at Academy Shop. 

Once your child is attending Cranford, there will be a facility for him/her to buy items of stationery and printing using cash or card, but cash transactions are limited to £5.  

Ties are the only item of uniform available to buy using cash

The following items of school uniform are available from the academy shop.

Orders should be placed on-line using the School website.



Ties (clip on)                                    £7.00 - Only available from school shop

Badge                                               £5.00 - Only available from school shop

White School Shirt                            (To be purchased from any school uniform retail outlet)


Black School Blazer with badge (no need to buy a badge separately if buying this blazer)                        

Chest      30” - 36”                              £28.50 - Only available from school shop

Chest      38” - 44”                              £35 - Only available from school shop

Chest      46”                                      £35 - Only available from school shop


PE UNIFORM  (Available only from the School Shop)

The PE uniform has the following compulsory items required for all sports lessons and activities; t-shirt, along with at least one of the following three items; shorts, tracksuit bottoms or leggings is now required for all sport lessons.

Additional items are also available such as the tracksuit top.


The PE uniform can only be purchased form the school shop.


Blue T-Shirt with school logo  Size 13 year & below:          £5.50

Blue T-Shirt with school logo  Size XS-XXL:                        £7.80

Tracksuit bottoms with school logo:                                    £20.40

Tracksuit top  with school logo:                                            £20.40

Fleece with school logo:                                                        £24.60

Shorts with school logo:                                                        £12.60

Leggings (No logo)                                                                  £19.20



School Jumper (OPTIONAL): Only available from school shop

Chest 32”                                           £17.00

Chest 34” - 38”                                  £17.00

Chest 40” - 46”                                  £23.50


Other useful optional items available from the ACADEMYSHOP

Calculators                                         £10

Equipment Pack

2 x pencil, 2 x pens, protractor, Compass, Pencil case, Ruler, Eraser, and Pencil Sharpener. Total Cost £3



♦ A printed copy of this website information is available on request, but please consider the impact on the environment before requesting 

♦ Protect the environment and help Cranford to move towards becoming a paperless school during 2023-2025 ♦


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