Korean Visitors (CEO/COO/TLT)

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Korean Educationalists visit Cranford Community College

크랜 포드 커뮤니티 칼리지 에 오신 것을 환영합니다 (Welcome to Cranford Community College)

Since October 2013, Cranford Community College has welcomed 4 delegations of senior Korean Educationalists. The visitors wanted to learn about the English school system and were particularly impressed by the WFactor sessions, the attitude and behaviour of the students and the joy in learning that they saw as they visited some classrooms.  Korea is one the highest achieving Education areas, according to the latest PISA data (Programme for International Student Assessment) and we are delighted that they want to come and visit Cranford. It seems Cranford is as well known in Seoul as it is in Southall.

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