Standing out from the crowd

The academy serves a very diverse community with high aspirations and some challenges to overcome.

Its key mottos are excellence in all areas and transforming a community.

ALL students at Cranford follow a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum with the English Baccalaureate at its heart.

This provides all students with the essential knowledge and skills they need to be educated citizens, introduces them to the best that has been thought and said and fosters an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.

Cranford Community College is an outstanding academy and believes in providing excellence in all areas. Therefore, it offers an unparalleled range of exciting and stimulating extra-curricular opportunities that are unique and go well beyond the core curriculum and build social and cultural capital.

These are based on key principles that make Cranford stand out from the crowd and are helping to transform the community it serves:

  1. Building strong social and cultural capital through astonishing opportunities, events and experiences linked to the core curriculum including prestigious competitions and debates, access to inspiring guest speakers, a rich programme of trips and visits and learning projects with top universities and national charities such as First Story.
  1. Providing a high-quality education within a safe and inclusive environment through the stimulating PSHCE, Mind Body Soul and assemblies, the promotion of pupil leadership, excellent pastoral care and support, the enjoyment of amazing outdoor learning in green spaces and access to the best in new technology.
  1. Enhancing pupils’ experience through high quality alliances and partnerships at local, national and international level. Cranford prides itself in its extensive range of partners from local charities such as Heston West Big Local (C-CHANGE) and ‘Hounslow’s Promise’ to National creative writing giant First Story, the US Embassy and international partner schools in Europe, Asia and America.
  1. Fostering innovation, research and development: this permeates both the approach to learning where pupils are encouraged to explore, hypothesise, experiment and innovate. Staff continue to grow and develop their expertise and practice through continuous professional development enhanced by international study, leading school improvement projects and piloting innovative pedagogy.

The creative arts and physical education foster participation, excellence in performance and competitions whilst talented students can opt to study these subjects at exam level. The Mind Body Soul programme for years 7, 8 and 9 supports the development of wellbeing through enjoyment of learning. In RE and PSHCE students develop vital skills and values that will strengthen their character for life.

The shape of the school day helps the offer of extra-curricular activities during periods 0 and 6 as well as independent study in supervised ICT study suites. The myriad enrichment activities in partnership with Heston West Big Local and other charities extend the core curriculum as evidenced in the Cranford Review glossy.

The vision for the future is to create a Digital and Visual pathway capitalising on the wide range of top companies located in West London and leading to successful careers for many local young people. As the academy is one of a handful of schools chosen by the DfE to pilot T Levels there will be a focus on routes to employability as a high-quality alternative to the academic pathway to university.

Through this outstanding curriculum offer, students at Cranford get educated as well as qualified for a successful future. The range of careers of Cranford Alumni testifies to this.


Our curriculum aims to:

Provide a broad, balanced and innovative education for all pupils which is ambitious and academic building upon the common core of EBacc subjects, religious education, physical education and PSHCE to enthuse students and develop a thirst for learning

Enable pupils to master knowledge, develop a deep understanding of key concepts and acquire and apply skills which prepare them well for the next stage of their education

Celebrate the community and international dimensions of this unique academy, and the enormous breadth of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities which we believe is virtually unrivalled, in the state and private sectors.

Develop pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, including British Values , and promote pupils’ physical fitness, health and well-being

Ensure equal access to learning, with high expectations for every pupil with appropriate levels of challenge and support

Provide subject choices and careers advice that support pupils’ ambitions and progression, and enable them to excel in their chosen pathway

Develop pupils’ independent learning skills and resilience, to equip them well for future education, training and employment


The shape of the curriculum:

In Year 7, 8 and 9 the curriculum includes English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Modern World Languages, IT and Computing, Digital and Visual, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) and Religious Education.

In Year 10 and 11 the curriculum includes English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Combined Science or Triple Science, History or Geography, Modern World Languages, Physical Education, Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) and Religious Education.

In addition, students are able to choose one or two GCSE subjects from the following list:

Art, Business, Computing, Children’s Play, Learning and Development, Drama, Economics, IT, Music, Physical Education, Psychology and Sociology

In Year 12 and 13 students are offered a wide range of A Level and Level 3 Vocational subjects which enables them to pursue their chosen further education, higher education and career pathway. Some students prefer a technical education pathway and Cranford is delighted to offer a T level in Digital Production, Design and Development and a T level in Education and Childcare.

Thought for the week facilitates debate and reflection on moral and ethical issues which are historical, current and relevant to the future. All students engage in thought for the week through a tutor led programme of activities.

Careers Education is provided for all students through a variety of activities such as workshops with employers, collaboration with national and international organisations, work placements, presentations from visiting universities, CIAG, exposure to a range of career opportunities, alumni opportunities, traineeships, curriculum content and many more.




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