Cranford Community College is an exceptional 11-19 inclusive academy with a mission to transform its community, in a parttnership approach, and to inspire excellence and community pride.

Since 2002, under the Leadership of  Kevin Prunty, Chief Executive and National Leader of Education, the academy continues on a trailblazing journey, transforming outcomes, creating opportunities, collecting a myriad of awards and accolades on the way, is a 'Leading Edge' school and an accredited 'World Class School'.

Mr Prunty's leadership is ably supported by Peter Stumpf, Chief Operating Officer, Rita Berndt and Rob Ind, Headteachers, Maria Bramhall, Deputy Headteacher and a talented team of Senior Leaders, Middle Leaders and frontline practitioners.

The Times Newspaper Parent Power list now ranks Cranford Community College near the top of the list of Best Comprehensive Schools for 2024, having analysed GCSE and A level results for 2023 with other performance indicators


Challenge Partners described the academy as ‘outward looking, awe-inspiring and exciting’.

The High Court described Cranford as 'an undoubtedly fine school'. 

Staff and students relentlessly strive for high standards and take part in an amazing array of enrichment opportunities, extra-curricular activities, trips and events, as well as international partnerships, experiences and exchanges  read more

Outstanding means ‘standing out from the crowd’ and Cranford Community College believes in staying at the cutting edge of innovation.

Some of its impressive achievements include:

  • Consistently outstanding teaching and achievement over time and a strong ethos of fun and enjoyment which ensure the academy always performs above national expectations
  • Providing a challenging, dynamic, broad, high quality and personalised curriculum which energises and inspires students and staff
  • Excellent relationships between staff and students and fantastic attitudes to learning and a commitment by all to be ‘the best we can be'  read more
  • A culture of staff sharing expertise through higher level university study, academy based research and a tradition of learning from the top performing education systems across the world  read more
  • Playing a leading role in the community and being a major player in training and recruiting the best teachers to give back to the West London community
  • Sharing best practice with other schools and academies across the region
  • Working with top universities and high quality, ethical partners
  • Supporting other schools and academies locally, nationally and internationally’.



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