International Partnerships

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Cranford Community College achieved Language College status in 1997. At that time, as part of the submission for Language College, Cranford committed to a curriculum offer to its students with an international dimension. The international aspects of the school have been recognised in Cranford’s achievement of the International School Award on 5 occasions. Cranford Community College is an inclusive, comprehensive multi-cultural school, located to the west of London, close to Heathrow Airport. The student population (January 2015) currently stands at 1452 & speaks over 35 different languages, representing a similar number of ethnic groups. The school’s ethos is very much outward looking with the community, local, regional, national and international at its heart.

International Partners:


China flag shanghai

South Dong Chang Middle School, Shanghai, China

Click here to learn more about our work with Shanghai


China flag tianjin eye

Tianjin College of Commerce, Tianjin, China

Tianjin College of Commerce (TCC) 

Visit to China / October 2015 (Image Gallery)



pakistani flag fauji

Fauji Foundation Model School, Tulsa Road Campus, Rawalpindi, Pakistan


Visitors From Overseas:

South Korean Educationalists

south korean flag


The collaborative work you have conducted with your partner schools and plan to conduct in the future is impressive and your relationship with them is very well-established, as shown by your achievements, which speak for themselves.

Feedback from Cranford's reaccreditation submission (March 2015)

Internationalism In Action At Cranford 2015 (pdf) 


(*) The international dimension of the curriculum remains despite the change of Language College status following the abolition of the specialist schools programme by the coalition government in May 2010, and as part of our successful academy status submission, the school committed to maintaining its “Language College Legacy”. The new internationalism policy, ratified by the Academy Trust Board in November 2014, identifies the many strands of the current development of internationalism at Cranford Community College.

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