Tianjin College of Commerce (TCC)

Our partnership arose out of the work the previous headteacher with the Global Education Team, through which contact was made with the then Tianjin Institute of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade in 2001, now renamed the Tianjin College of Commerce. Since this time, we have visited Tianjin on an annual/bi-ennial basis and welcomed their delegation to Cranford on an annual basis. We have also hosted an Intern on an annual basis from Tianjin to stay with us for a further two and a half months to explore more fully the English school system and educational paedogogy and to further improve their fluency in English.

Trips to China / Tianjin (TCC) :

♦ October 2016

 Octorber 2015

♦ September 2014

 April 2014

♦ September 2013

♦ September 2012

♦ April 2012

♦ September 2011


April 2014

Once again, Cranford Community College sent a delegation of staff on the trip of a lifetime to the Tianjin College of Commerce in Tianjin, China. The purpose of the trip was focussed on professional development for staff from both institutions but also included some amazing trips and visits in the local area and further afield to Beijing itself.  The staff and students at the College welcomed us with open arms and showered us with their hospitality. The College is about to move to a brand new campus, which we visited and are really looking forward to staying in on our next trip in 2015.  The programme included a number of sessions during which Cranford’s staff presented how we do things here; from behaviour management to lesson planning and how we manage outstanding learning. The staff from Tianjin showed great interest in the way we do things at Cranford.

One of the highlights of our presentations was surely though the run through of Aussie English. It was a great moment to hear the Chinese staff chanting back “G’day mate” in broad Oz.  For some of Cranford’s staff, one of their highlights was the visit to the Great Wall, which stretches for 8,850 km (5,500 miles); this is the “Ming” Wall. The section we saw and walked up reached from the valley floor up to the hill side. It was extremely steep in places, and the day was a hot one, even in April. It took some puff and sweat to reach the top, but we all did. The view was dramatic and it is astonishing how such a wall could be built in such difficult terrain.

For others, it was the visit to the Forbidden City in Beijing. It was called “Forbidden” as no women or any none imperial male was allowed to enter. It is an enormous complex with fantastic architecture and beautiful statues.  The parks of Tianjin are full of dancers, singers, skaters and scribes every evening. Once again, the friendliness of the Chinese was such that we were invited to join in their dancing and they were very accommodating, despite our errors in following the sequence. The warm evenings meant that every day we could go and enjoy the park activities.

On a personal note, I first visited Tianjin in August 2008 and the speed of development of the city, indeed of the whole area, never ceases to amaze me. The city has expanded exponentially and the population rose by 31.4% between 2000 and 2010 to just under 13 million. By 2012 this had crept up to 14.1 million. It is therefore no surprise that the city is changing so rapidly to accommodate its growing population.

Thank you to our friends in the Tianjin College of Commerce and we look forward to welcoming you in the autumn to Cranford Community College.

Some personal memories:

Doug said:

I will especially remember the dancing in the square; they had such a good time and welcomed us into their group (even with my left feet!)…then the guy writing on the concrete in a world of his own. The sights in Beijing were amazing just the sheer volume of people, cars and construction going on at such a pace.

Greetipal said:

The highlight of the trip would have to be climbing The Great Wall which was a once in a lifetime experience.

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