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China Trip October 2015

On Saturday 24th October 2015, Cranford’s annual trip to China took place. A delegation of 30 Business Studies students and staff flew to Tianjin for an exchange visit with our partners in China at Tianjin College, who had visited Cranford in September 2015. During the trip everyone enjoyed a combination of cultural and educational visits as well as having the opportunity to spend time with some of the Chinese student’s families and do some shopping. The delegation returned to London on Monday 2nd November 2015.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the mystical land of China with its ancient landmarks and fast-paced lifestyle; I was truly able to see why China is a world superpower.  I was in euphoria as I arrived, and was surprised with the instant greeting I was given by the well-mannered representatives of the Tianjin College of Commerce who instantly made me feel at home. Several exciting activities followed such as; visiting the Great Wall of China and The Forbidden City. However, as memorable as these seem,  there will be one day I will always remember and is etched into my memory as I was given a real look into a Chinese lifestyle. Towards the end of my stay, Amit, Sikander and I were placed with a student from the school and were to spend the day with him and to learn how a modern Chinese student lives. Once paired with our new friend we were presented with our first barrier; our new companion spoke no English and I could just about say ‘hello’ in Chinese.  We were determined that nothing would stop our adventure so with a translation app we were able to communicate and find common interests with our friendships blooming. Many new opportunities then followed as we ate bean cakes, rice balls and fried dumplings; our taste buds were given a real eastern experience. We had found ourselves in the home of our acquaintance and were given a warm welcome presented by his family as we had a banquet prepared for us. Eating, conversations and laughs followed and we were dropped by the family back to the university with a day to remember. I would 100% visit China again. 

Adil Hassan (year 13)

My enthusiasm for travelling had been reinforced by my visit to China, one of the world’s most populous countries. It was a very rare, yet fun-filled opportunity, which I am glad I was able to experience. One of my highlights of the trip had to be climbing the Great Wall of China as well as visiting the homes of the Chinese students. This allowed us to gain an insight into the diverse lifestyle of the Chinese culture, where we had taken interest in the food and hobbies of the individuals and their families. Activities on this trip had also consisted of visits to The Forbidden City, Sunny family factory and Pearl Market. Pearl market particularly was one of my favourites due to being a chance to splash my money on the newest gadgets and handbags as well as souvenirs for a much cheaper price! I would definitely describe China as one of the highlights of my year.

Mahima Puri  (year 13) 

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