• In 2012, Cranford was also awarded the highest possible grade of OUTSTANDING in ALL 5 key Ofsted judgements and all other key areas inspected. Safeguarding was judged to be effective.  read more
  • In 2022, Cranford was awarded grades of 'Good' in ALL 5 key Ofsted judgements. Safeguarding was judged to be effective.
  • This is because a judgment of outstanding was not available to Cranford Community College at the time of inspection as the ATB had chosen to offer a curriculum that it believes is better for our community than following the standard national curriculum in Humanities and the Arts read more
  • The choice to determine its own curriculum is one which is available only to private schools and academies as part of the academy freedoms but this creates a limitiung judgement in Ofsted inspection.  
  • The ATB has since made some changes to offer 'National Curriculum PLUS' from September 2022 and will be eligible for outstanding judgments at its next inspection in approximately 4 years time. 
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