Meals at Cranford / Menus


The academy normally has a 3 week cycle of menus for each term. The menus have changed due to contingency planning for potential supply chain interuption folllowing Brexit and due to Lockdown / School closure. However, there will be no compromise on school nutritional standards. 


  • The new menus for Autumn and Winter 2021 can be found HERE



Cranford has signed up to and complies with the ‘School’s Healthy Eating Plan’ which is available to view here. 


Halal and non-Halal menus are made daily with fresh produce and available to all pupils


Cranford uses an on-line system (ParentPay) that allows parents who are registered to access this information directly to see what your child is purchasing and to pay for on-line credit in advance of purchases.

To know more about the online payment system click here





School Meals Enquiry

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  • GDPR notice: We will only use this data for the purpose of contacting you back to respond to your initial enquiry and to follow it up as agreed with you. We will only keep this information for as long as is required and in accordance with statutory requirements.

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