Key Policies

For statutory exclusion guidance click on link below:

Name Date Category  
Admissions Policy 2017-2018 01st Nov 2016Statutory Policies Download
Admissions Policy 2018-2019 16th May 2017Statutory Policies Download
Appraisal Policy for Teachers 21st Oct 2015Policies Download
Behaviour & Discipline Policy 2018 20th Feb 2018Statutory Policies Download
Charging and Remission Policy - Autumn 2... 14th Nov 2016Statutory Policies Download
Complaints Policy 2016-2017 05th Jun 2017Statutory Policies Download
Contingency and Business Continuity Plan 14th Nov 2016Policies Download
Contingency and Business Continuity Plan... 22nd Jan 2018Policies Download
Data Protection Policy 25th May 2018Policies Download
Data Protection Statement 10th Feb 2017Policies Download
Internationalism Policy - December 2017 04th Dec 2017Policies Download
Lettings Policy 02nd Apr 2015Statutory Policies Download
Lettings Terms and Conditions 21st Apr 2015Statutory Policies Download
Policy Mobile Phones, Sim & Data Cards,... 12th Feb 2015Policies Download
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 11th Sep 2017Statutory Policies Download
SEND Policy and Information Report 25th Nov 2016Statutory Policies Download
Terms and Conditions for Trips 16th Nov 2016Policies Download
Uniform Policy, Year 7 - 11, Staff & Six... 09th Mar 2018Policies Download
Value for Money Statement year ending Au... 06th May 2015Statutory Policies Download
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