Vision and Values


Cranford Community College provides all students with a broad, balanced, dynamic and personalised curriculum. Students are constantly challenged to ensure that they learn at a rapid pace. Teachers are highly skilled and are deeply committed to making sure that each student achieves the highest academic standards.


Students behave in an exemplary manner. Excellent relationships between students and staff support the highly positive learning culture that permeates the school.


The school is committed to innovation and prides itself in being at the forefront of national and international developments. The school encourages staff to further their subject and teaching expertise through higher level university study and school based research. Working with its partners, Cranford plays a pivotal role in leading the development of the education system so that our students and staff benefit from the most up to date opportunities, educational practice and new learning technologies.

Cranford’s long term strategic vision includes an enhanced commitment to a ‘Global Perspective’ and learning from the best performing education systems across the world.


Cranford Community College has been designated a “Teaching School” by the Department for Education. We only recruit outstanding teachers and those that show the potential to be so, including former students who have returned wanting to ‘give back’ to our local community. We provide an extensive training programme for all staff to ensure that they remain highly skilled, well-motivated and highly qualified. Cranford’s teachers lead outstanding learning which translates into outstanding student progress and outcomes.


The school has a mission of ‘Transforming the Community’. Cranford is thoroughly integrated within the local community and is focused on driving improvement within and beyond our local area. The school ensures that the young people of Cranford and its surrounding areas achieve as highly as possibly in every educational and social field. We promote the wider curriculum including personal development and extracurricular activities.

At Cranford students are given the kind of life changing experiences which help them to mature into confident successful adults.


The school provides excellent guidance to ensure that students are on the right course and the pathway that is best for them and their future. Everyone has high expectations. The wide range of extra-curricular clubs and amazing opportunities help develop students wider education and create a real passion for learning and love of what students study. The Supervised Study Centres provide a quiet place of study with a dedicated Centre Manager to support and guide students with their learning.

The sixth form continues to build its reputation of excellence with students gaining places at top Russell Group universities each year including Oxford and Cambridge. Cranford’s sixth form is definitely the place to be successful and achieve.

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