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WELCOME TO CRANFORD COMMUNITY COLLEGE, an 11-19 inclusive, multi-cultural academy with a community based mission for achieving excellence.

The academy and its community are rightly proud of the tremendous achievements of Cranford students and staff and the recognition that the academy achieves nationally and internationally, and at GCSE and A level, as a result of their efforts.

Cranford students (all groups) and their expert teachers consistently out-perform the national trends. The relentless drive for high standards and achievement, combined with a breath-taking range of opportunities has resulted in impressive grades and personal skills, and promoting better life chances for all of our students.

The academy is accredited by OFSTED as being consistently ‘Outstanding’ over time in Teaching, Achievement & Progress, Student Behaviour, Leadership & Management, Safeguarding and all other aspects of the Ofsted framework, such as spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

A catalogue of awards continues to endorse the high achievement and rapid progress that the students and the academy make, year on year.

The exemplary work of the academy is shared with other schools and academies locally, nationally and internationally. Cranford has played a key role in London's Gold Club, as a ‘Leading Edge’ academy, with the SSAT, PiXL and Challenge Partners networks and in association with the ‘National College for Teaching & Leadership’, just to name a few.

Students and staff also benefit from Cranford’s leadership of a ‘Teaching School’ Alliance, a ‘Science Learning Partnership’ across 8 London boroughs and its projects with partners such as the Institute of Physics, the British Council, various embassies and key universities.

It is always amazing to reflect upon the enormous range of curricular and extra-curricular events, activities, trips and enrichment opportunities that have helped to develop and realise the potential and the differing talents that exist within our student and staff population.

The success of the academy is due to the dedicated staff that make all these things happen and to students, parents, partner organisations, alumni and ‘friends of Cranford’ who participate so enthusiastically and work so hard for success. In this way, Cranford works together as a united and harmonious team to achieve such amazing results and create so many opportunities.

I remain extremely proud of the academy, its students and its community. Cranford is how an outstanding academy should look and it continues to find creative ways to excel in spite of various challenging circumstances, most notably in recent years being the impact of austerity on young people, deprived communities and on funding for schools/academies.

Kevin Prunty,
Executive Headteacher and National Leader of Education


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