Cranford Community College is a Single Academy Trust (SAT) 

The trustees (who are also known as the Governors or the Directors) of Cranford Community College have a duty to ensure that the academy is efficiently run and that the children are given the best possible education.

The trustees have many and varied duties such as establishing the vision, values and priorities. agreeing the school budget, employing staff, monitoring the performance of staff and pupils, ensuring a high quality of education is provided and ensuring that the school is a safe and happy place to be.

System Leadership

Cranford, as a National Support School, and its Executive Head Teacher, as a National Leader of Education, have provided regular support to other schools and the academy continues to act as a hub for best practice, research and innovation.

Cranford Community College led its Teaching School Alliance (TSA) until 31 August 2021. The academy has always supplemented the TSA grant income from its own resources to support activity that it would wish to pursue regardless of Teaching School Status. The academy has decided to maintain a number of legacy strands following the end of the TSA grant from its resources.

The academy also maintains a number of legacy strands from its former status as a Language College and is committed to internationalism and global curriculum, training, study, mutual CPD, and partnership opportunities. 


The Academy Trust is a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity.  The charitable company’s memorandum and articles of association are the primary governing documents of the Academy Trust (see links below).  The trustees of Cranford Community College are also the directors of the charitable company for the purposes of company law.  The charitable company operates as Cranford Community College. It is also traditionally known as ‘Cranford College’, ‘Cranford Community’, ‘Cranford Community School’ and ‘Cranford School’

Trustee Appointments and Current Terms

  • Jennifer Sandra Lewis (Chair, Appointed), To 14 July 2026
  • Shafia Haroon (Vice Chair, Elected Parent Governor), To 17 June 2024
  • Jennifer Elizabeth Lewis (Appointed), To 13 December 2025
  • Tatinder (Taz) Virdee (Appointed), To 10 October 2026
  • Barbara Lodge (Elected Staff), To 31 October 2023
  • Cllr. Daanish Saeed (Appointed), Resigned 9 November 2022
  • Contemporary Trustee and Member details may always be found through this LINK

The Academy Trust Handbook states trusts must notify DfE of changes to their governance information within 14 calendar days of the change, through the governance section of the Get information about schools (GIAS) register, accessed via DfE Sign-in. This requirement includes providing direct contact details for all governance roles. New chairs of trustees may also need to complete a suitability check

Summary of Trustees’ Register of Interests (Up to date)

Trustee’s name

Name of business / charity / educational institute

Name of interest / interest began

Appointment (by/when)

Shafia Haroon

Home Office UK Border Force,


10 December 2015

Elected by Parents

10 December 2015

Jennie Lewis

Berkeley Academy



Berkeley Pre-School 


14 December 2017


Committee Member (Chair) / 14 December 2017


Appointed by the ATB

14 December 2017



Jenny Lewis


None (Retired)


Appointed by Members

1 April 2011

Barbara Lodge

Cranford Community College



4 October 2012


Elected by school staff

4 October 2012

Daanish Saeed

London Borough of Hounslow


West Thames College

Councillor / 4 October 2012


Employee / 1 September 2018

Resigned 9 November 2022

Taz Virdee 

Heston West Big Local 


C-Change West London


Employee / 10 October 2019 - ENDED 31 August 2022


Employee / 1 September 2022



Appointed by the ATB

10 October 2019



The Academy Trust is currently considering updating its Funding Agreement and Articles of Association (2010 version) with the ESFA / Secretary of State in 2023/24 and is also considering its options in terms of MAT developments so there may be some resulting structural changes to the ATB (Members and Trustees) and eligibility once either of these new frameworks are agreed and ratified. Key decisions are envisaged during late 2022/23 or early 2023/24. Elections for new staff and new parent trustees, as appropriate, will then be held in accordance with the new articles and funding agreement. 

Further Information about Financial Management, the Annual General Meeting, the Annual Accounts and the Annual Report can be found on another page on this website, CLICK HERE


Company Secretary / Clerk

Bernadette Moir (part-time)

  • The Chair of the ATB can be contacted via email to the clerk, or using the drop down menu of the 'CONTACT US' tab on this website
  • Complaints and Compliments should be emailed to or using the drop down menu of the 'CONTACT US' tab on this website


Organisational Structure of the Academy Trust

The Academy Trust operate strategically and hold the Executive Head Teacher, who is also the Accounting Officer, to account for the running of the academy and its related functions and the board, at least annually, comprehensively, and formally review the thresholds of responsibility and delegation between the Academy Trust and the Executive Head Teacher.

The Executive Head Teacher (or his delegates) is/are responsible for all operational matters and the ‘day to day’ running of the academy, overseen by the Academy Trust acting as ‘critical friend’ and appraising his performance. The Executive Head Teacher is responsible for policy and decision making in so far as it has not been made by the trust and is accountable to / reports to the Chair and the trust board. 

Normally, there is an annual / biennial cycle of appraisal linked to performance pay for all staff, except the Executive Head Teacher whose performance is rated but whose pay is currently frozen by mutual agreement and hence not currently subject to either inflationary or performance progression.

The Academy Trust has responsibility for monitoring its own performance and for its own training. It reports through the Annual General Meeting and is subject to scrutiny by the regulators, including external auditors. The trust is experienced and has well established protocols for the operation of the Academy Trust, a clear structure, written terms of reference and a regular cycle of meetings and activities.

The Academy Trust is normally organised as follows:

  • Full Academy Trust (Chair: Mrs Jenny Sandra Lewis, JLE)
  • Regular (normally fortnightly, sometimes monthly) Chair Meetings with the Executive Head Teacher / Accounting Officer
  • Pay & Performance Management Committee (Chair: Mrs Jenny Sandra Lewis) (JLE, JLS, TVI = Review Trustee)
  • Audit, Compliance and Risk Committee (Chair: Ms Jennie Elizabeth Lewis) (JLS/TVI)
  • Finance and Monitoring Committee (Chair: Mrs Jenny Sandra Lewis) (JLE/BLO)
  • Pupil Discipline Committee (Any 3 eligible and trained governors, Chair varies, staff governors are eligible)
  • Staff Dismissal Committee (Any 3 eligible and trained governors, Chair varies, staff governors ineligible)
  • Safeguarding, Wellbeing & Health and Safety Committee (Chair: Mrs Jenny Sandra Lewis) (JLE/BLO/JLS/SHA)
  • Admissions Panel (Chair: Ms Jennie Elizabeth Lewis) (JLS/BLO)
  • Collaboration Committee - 2 Trustees (voting) and the Accounting Officer (non-voting). Chair rotates 6 monthly with other organisation(s) (JLE/TVI + KPR) - Not currently in session
  • Appeals & Complaints Committee (Any 3 eligible and trained governors, Chair varies)
  • Executive Head Teacher/Deputy Head teacher Appointment Panel (Any eligible and trained governors, Chair: Mrs Jenny Sandra Lewis)

Please note that Mrs Jenny Sandra Lewis (JLE) and Ms Jennie Elizabeth Lewis (JLS) are not related or connected other than both being trustees. 

Some alternative arrangements operated in recent years to maximise Covid safety including absorbing the work of most committees into the full ATB where appropriate, minimising face to face meetings, using videoconferencing and incorporating electronic meetings and decisions, using communications technologies where face to face meetings have not been possible.  

The academy is subject to external review, scrutiny, and validation through a variety of inspections and audits by a range of agencies including Responsible Officer visits, Audit, the Education and Skills Funding Agency, the Health and Safety Executive, etc. and reports by these agencies are shared with the Academy Trust and published. The academy (Executive Head Teacher/Academy Trust) also undertakes a variety of evaluations and satisfaction surveys and monitors key performance indicators. The academy also benchmarks and improves its performance through involvement and leadership of networks of schools and school improvement partnerships.

The trust will host a Community Conference for stakeholders to contribute to the vision and direction of the academy in summer 2025, postponed from summer 2020 due to the pandemic. 

The Executive Head Teacher normally reports to the Academy Trust regularly through Full Academy Trust meetings and committees and meets and communicates regularly with the Chair between Academy Trust meetings and meets on average fortnightly in term time for monitoring of academy performance by the Chair. The Academy Trust is also kept involved through scrutiny of data and benchmarking information, publications, the academy website and its associated social media and invitations to / attendance events, activities and trustee training.

The Academy Trust monitors the performance of the academy through a variety of means including through its committee and meetings structure, through probing and questioning, through involvement with the academy and through activities such as regular Health and Safety inspections and data monitoring.

The academy trust board has authorised the Chair, when she deems it necessary, to use her powers to deal with urgent needs, reporting any significant use to the Academy Trust as appropriate afterwards through the agenda.

The Executive Head Teacher and Academy Trust report to parents, pupils and the community through a variety of means including the academy website, reports, letters and magazines, text messaging, school email, school phones, assemblies, the academy’s Virtual Leaning Environment (MSTeams), SchoolCloud, etc.

The Academy Trust agrees the broad staffing structure at least annually as part of the approval of the budget and delegates to the Executive Head Teacher the flexibility to take opportunities for improvement as they arise or when needs change in the year within the envelope of the agreed annual budget total.

The board also agrees any legal agreements which could be used for any related party transactions and larger contracts such as ground maintenance.

Committees & Panels

The quorum for most committees must be three, two of whom must be trustees, but a committee can involve non-Trustees.

  • Audit, Compliance & Risk Committee: The Academies Financial Handbook 2014 prohibits employees of the school and Executive Directors (KPR) from being members of this committee, although senior staff are expected to support the workings of this committee. The Chair must be a non-executive director and there must be at least one other non-executive Director. The committee must have at least three members.
  • Finance & Monitoring Committee: The committee must have at least three members. The majority (i.e. at least 2) must be Trustees. There are no other restrictions on membership. Staff Trustees are eligible to serve on this committee.
  • Pay & Performance Management: This committee needs two non-staff Trustees and, for the Headteacher’s Performance Management, a non-staff review Trustee. Committee members must be objective, independent and transparent. Staff Trustees are not eligible.
  • Pupil Discipline: The committee must normally have at least three members. The majority (i.e., at least 2) must be Trustees. Staff trustees are eligible, but the Headteacher is ineligible.
  • Staff Dismissal: The committee must normally have at least three members. The majority (i.e., at least 2) must be Trustees. The Headteacher is ineligible.
  • Appeals & Complaints: The committee must normally have at least three members. The majority (i.e., at least 2) must be Trustees. The Headteacher is ineligible.
  • Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher Appointments: This ad hoc committee is formed from eligible Trustees (training provided). Appointments require ratification by the full Academy Trust.
  • Admissions Panel: This ad hoc panel (Any 2 trustees meets to review compliance with the Admissions Policy and Admissions Code of Practice for in-year admissions and the filling of vacancies from the waiting list) 
  • Collaboration Committee: The organisation of the committee is set out in the legal agreement which can be read HERE when there is a RPT in place (Not currently)​
  • Nominated Trustees: The chair is routinely delegated authority to make time sensitive decisions on behalf of the academy where necessary, reporting afterwards to the full ATB. Any trustee may be nominated to a delegated task by the full ATB (e.g. Workload and wellbeing trustee, environment and climate trustee, oversight of a capital project, oversight of a procurement process, Equalities and Sexual Harassment Trustee, etc.)



Roger John Owen (from 1 April 2011)

Jenny Sandra Lewis (from 1 April 2011)

Nicola Marie Taylor (from 1 September 2020)


Summary of Members’ Register of Business Interests (Up to date)

Member’s name

Name of business / charity / educational institute

Name of interest / interest began

Appointment (By / When)

Roger Owen



Appointed by ATB

1 April 2011

Jenny Lewis



Appointed by ATB

1 April 2011

Nicola Moir

Pay UK (Finance and Banking)


Appointed by ATB

1 September 2020

NOTE: Daanish Saeed has been appointed as a fourth Member with effect from 1 Februray 2023

Data Controller: Mr Philip Dobison, who can be contacted using the drop down menu of the 'CONTACT US' tab on this website

Data Protection Officer: Ms Maria Bramhall, who can be contacted using the drop down menu of the 'CONTACT US' tab on this website


Company Name

Cranford Community College

Principal and Registered Office

High St




Company Registered Number

07559818 (England & Wales)

The certificate of incorporation can be found here by clicking.

The academy trust of Cranford Community College has been established under these articles of associationmemorandum of association and funding agreement. These are currently being updated with the ESFA.

The trustees have the freehold of the land and premises.


DRAFT Dates of 2022/23 Meetings (Governance Professional)


Full Academy Trust Meetings in the Headteacher’s study / CiC (and Zoom)

Thursday, 10 November 2022                          4.30 pm (Refreshments at 4 p.m.)

Thursday, 08 December 2022 (after AGM),     4.30 pm (Refreshments at 4 p.m.)

Thursday, 23 March 2023                               4.30 pm (Refreshments at 4 p.m.)

Thursday, 06 July 2023                                   4.30 pm (Refreshments at 4 p.m.)





Committee Meeting dates in the Headteacher’s study / CiC (and Zoom)

Finance & Monitoring (JLE/TVI)

Wednesday, 22 February 2023                    10.45 a.m. (May be brought forward)

Wednesday, 03 May 2023                            10.45 a.m.

Wednesday, 28 June 2023                           10.45 a.m.



TAZ VIRDIE        


Safeguarding / Health & Safety Committee (JLE/JLS/SHA/BLO)

Wednesday, 22 February 2023                    2.30 p.m. (May be brought forward)

Wednesday, 03 May 2023                            2.30 p.m.

Wednesday, 28 June 2023                           2.30 p.m.





Audit, Compliance & Risk Committee (JLS/TVI)

Thursday, 24 November 2022                       2.30 p.m.

Thursday, 16 March 2023                              2.30 p.m.

Thursday, 11 May 2023                                 2.30 p.m.

Thursday, 22 June 2023                                2.30 p.m.





Pay & Performance Management Committee (JLE/JLS). TVI = Review Trustee


Monday, 05 December 2022                     3 p.m.

Friday, 03 March 2023                            3 p.m.

Friday 07 July 2023                                3 p.m.





Other Meetings – As necessary.



Governance (Member / Trustee) Oversight is denoted by a 4-letter code

  • ACCC: Appeals and Complaints / Compliments Committee
  • ACRC: Audit, Compliance and Risk Committee
  • CHMM: Chair / EHT Monthly Meetings 
  • CPAP: Cranford Pupil Admissions Panel 
  • FATB: Full Academy Trust Board 
  • FPMC: Finance, Procedures and Monitoring Committee
  • HTAP: Executive Head Teacher/Deputy Head teacher Appointment Panel 
  • MEMB: Members of the Academy Trust 
  • PPMC: Pay & Performance Management Committee (PPMC)
  • PBDC: Pupil Behaviour & Discipline Committee
  • RPCC: Related Party Collaboration Committee
  • SCDC: Staff Conduct & Dismissal Committee
  • SHWC: Safeguarding, Health and Safety and Wellbeing Committee 




Kevin Prunty (KPR), Executive Head Teacher / Accounting Officer / Head of Centre / CEO / National Leader of Education

Peter Stumpf (PST), Associate Head Teacher

Rita Berndt (RBE), Head of School (Curriculum and Assessment) / Joint Designated Safeguarding Lead (JDSL)

Robert Ind (RIN), Head of School (Pastoral and Vocational/Technical Curriculum). Joint Designated Prevent Lead (JDPL)

Alan Fraser (AFR), Director of High Quality and Ethical Community and Business Partnerships and Income Generation. Designated Prevent Lead (DPL). 

Maria Bramhall (MBR), Deputy Head of School (Logistics and Compliance). Data Protection Officer

Magda Gladysz (MGL), Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

Homayon Zeary (HZE), Technology, Infrastructure Planning and Strategic Developments Manager

Jenny Moir (JMO), Site, Projects, and Premises Manager

Kerry Mulhair (KMU): Assistant Head Teacher - Inclusion (SENDCo, Access and Inclusion, ASD, EAL, LAC, Medical Needs, GRT, Literacy and numeracy)


  • Bernadette Moir (BMO) ‘Zero Hours’: Governance Professional / Company Secretary
  • Sarah Frost (SFR): Trainee Governance Professional / Company Secretary
  • Mudassir Sarwar (MSA): Academy Performance & Data Manager
  • Sahrish Shaikh (SSH) / Amrat Atwal (AAT): AT Training & Development Coordinator



Amrat Atwal (AAT): Teaching & Learning (Whole School) & Internationalism PT

Shawn D’Souza (SDS): Academy Logistics (Whole School)

Fran Green (FGR): Raising Achievement (KS4)

Mahavir Ladva (MLA): Examinations, Careers and Business / Industry Links

Hamesh Rattu (HRA): Community (Trainee)

Sharan Saroya (SSA): Raising Achievement (Post 16) PT

Chetan Shingadia (CSH): Raising Achievement (Post 16)

Sahrish Shaikh (AAT): Teaching & Learning (Whole School) & Internationalism

Randeep Sidhu (RSI): Pastoral System (Main School) PT

Mehmoona Yousaf (MYO): Pastoral System (Main School) PT


Year 7: Hardeep Bhachu (HBH)

Year 8: Seema Mehmi (SME)

Year 9: John Lennon (JLE)

Year 10: Milton Venancio Ferreira (MVE)

Year 11: Bradley King (BKI)

Year 12: Matthew Nation-Tellery (MNA)

Year 13: Priya Agarwal (PAG)

Student Leadership & Enrichment (Pupil Voice): Alham Ahmad (AAH)


English & Literacy: Evelyn Brooks (EBR)

Mathematics & Numeracy: Sarah Brackley (SBR) PT

Science / STEM: Amrat Atwal (AAT) PT / Chetan Shingadia (CSH) – Interim arrangement

History: Sahrish Shaikh (SSH)

Geography: Rita Berndt (RBE) – Interim arrangement

Spanish: Hope Eley (HEL)

German: Ally Manole (AMA)

Religious Studies: Freddie Page (FPA)

School Sport and PE: Basheak Bussue (BBU)

PSHCE / SMSC: Barbara Lodge (BLO)

ICT & Computing: Sukhjeet Kudhail (SKU)

Business Studies: Gurpreet Patel (GPA)

Economics: Ramanpreet Kaur (RKA)

Social Sciences: Barinder Dosanjh (BDO)

Digital, Visual, Media & Fine Arts: Pirmjeet Hunt (PHU)

Performing Arts:

Music / Music Technology: Luke Joyce (LJO)

Technical & Vocational (including T-Levels): Rob Ind (RIN) – Interim arrangement



Sarah Frost (SFR), Executive Assistant to the Executive Head Teacher (Trainee)

Adam Urch (AUR), Service Delivery Manager

Zeenat Jussab (ZJU), HR Manager PT

Poonam Kaher (PKA), HR Manager

Desiree Fernandes (DFE), HR Assistant (Trainee)

Dee Dhillon (DDH), Admissions & SIMs Manager PT

Amina Hassania (AHA), Attendance Officer (Main School)

Ketan Vithlani (KVI), Attendance Officer (Post 16)

Mariella Davis (MDA), Assistant Attendance Officer (Trainee)

Manjula Giga (MGI), Study Centres Management

Robin Walton (RWA): External and Private Examination Candidates PT

Fola Adesanmi (FAD), Community Lettings & Reception (Evenings)

Yas Ashfaq (YAS), Community Lettings & Reception (Weekends)

Julie Prunty (JPR), School Shop & Reprographics

Dawn Knock (DKN): SEND Manager

Lena Kapoor (LKA): Pastoral & Logistics Manager (Post 16)

Tammy Jenkins (TJE): Designated Safeguarding Lead / Assistant to the Senior Teachers (Pastoral)

Priscilla Ledlie* (PLE): Designated Medical, Healthcare & First Aid Lead / Transition Manager / Assistant to the Senior Teachers (Pastoral)

Senior Caretakers: Rafal Krysztof (RKR), Czarek Trzcinski (CTR) & Andrew Vost (AVO)

Receptionists: Interim arrangements in place



Kevin Prunty, Accounting Officer

Accounting Officer Register of Business Interests (Up to date)

Kevin Prunty

Accounting Officer

Name of business / charity /

educational institute

Name of interest

Date interest began


ADMAT (Berkeley Academy)

Company 10969334 (Education)

Employee (CEO, Non-Director)

1 December 2017


Cranford Community College (Academy) 

Company 07559818 (Education)

Employee (Non-Director)

1 April 2011


Cranford Community Trading Company Limited

Company 08932105 (Education)

CEO (Non-Director)

11 March 2014


Berkeley Pre-School

Charity 1155715 (Education)

Employee (CEO, Non-Director)

1 May 2022


Hounslow's Promise

Charity 1183264 (Young People)


7 May 2019



Magda Gladysz, Chief Finance Officer (appointed 1 October 2021)

Trade creds, debtors & payroll control accounts monthly recs 

Capitalisation of fixed assets & depreciation

Monthly Budget Monitoring, Cashflows, TB to Chair & trustees

GB meetings & budget figures for meetings

ESFA budget forecasts (July submission dates)

Land & Buildings Tool

ESFA Self-assessment resource tool submission

Annex Gs (Teaching School April, School Direct & TSST Dec)

ESFA Internal Scrutiny submission

Legal agreements/ leases etc

Management of SEN income

End of year

Preparation of accounts and audit deliverables

Checking annual accounts for submission Dec 

Checking AAR for submission Jan

Website update with necessary financial info

Ensuring monthly returns go to pension providers

Monthly TP contributions form

TP End of Year Certificate and audit

Pensions auto re-enrolment 

VAT return to HMRC (different to a VAT registered organisation)

Support & training

Pensions auto re-enrolment (CCC Apr 23)

Develop and maintain Local Financial procedures with EHT


Sabina Marciniak, Academy Business Manager 

Day to day running of finance 

Preparation Trade creds, debtors & payroll control accounts monthly recs 

Authorisation of Purchase orders 

Authorisation of invoices for payment

BACS payment authorisation 1st stage check & approval, upload on bank

Bank Transfer 1st stage input & authorisation & system input

Payroll items preparation and upload to payroll provider,  

Payroll return check and 1st authorisation 

Ensuring monthly returns go to pension providers

Monthly TP contributions form

Monitor prepayments, Stripe & income input

invoices to other suppliers


Julie Charge Card on the system

MGL Charge Card On the system

Preparation of accounts and audit deliverables

Register of interest / Financial competency 


Emilia Aleksandrowicz, Finance Assistant

Parent Pay income reconciliations

Parent Pay refunds

Stripe income reconciliation

Letts refunds on Stripe only

Sum-Up income reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation

Lunch duty & extra hours payments

Charge Card statements reconciliation


D/D charges on system

getting weekly / monthly reconciliations approved by SLT

ParentPay support to parents /students


Aneta Cichocka, Finance Assistant in lieu of Izabela Dabrowska (on sabbatical from 1 July 2022) 

Purchase orders

Getting invoices authorised

Invoices to FMS

BACS producing 


Petty cash


Shop income

Asset Register

Monthly budget reports to budget holders

Mobile phone confiscation

ParentPay support to parents /students


Amanda Gomez, Trainee Finance Assistant (Catering & Trips)

Organising and support for Trips, Letters, RA, bookings  

ParentPay trip management 

ParentPay support to parents /students

Trip's phones management

Catering TBC


Yas Ashfaq, Trainee Finance Assistant (SPP)






(Also Jenny Donegan, JDEFS Finance Consultancy)  QUICK LINK TO FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT PAGE


Cranford Community Trading Company

Commercial activity is run through a separate Trading Company to ensure the proper payment of VAT and has a sole Director, Mr John Lyden. Mr Lyden operates independent of the board and the academyKevin Prunty acts as CEO. 

All the profits from the trading company are gifted to the academy. 





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