Attendance and Punctuality


It is really important that students and staff come to school on time and every academy day (Please refer to the published term dates and timings of the academy day on this website - see link below).

'On time' means that the student or staff member should be in the academy and ready to work and study well before the formal start of the day. This would normal mean being on site at least 15 minutes earlier than their formal start time.

100% attendance and punctuality is proven to have a significant and positive impact on learning and examination results.  

Conversely, disruption to learning caused by the lateness and/or absence of even a few impacts negatively on other students and teachers and is not fair on them.

Students and staff must aim to have 100% attendance.

For students, this means attending for a maximum of 190 required days out of 365 or 366 every year.

It is expected that most other commitments, including most medical and dental appointments, and all family holidays are scheduled in the other 175/176 days when there is no requirement to attend school.

Urgent appointments (medical, dental or other) should be made after the end of the academy day wherever possible.

In family emergencies such as overseas bereavements, parents should make arrangements with extended family or friends for children to stay locally and continue their education. The academy has family support workers who may be able to offer assistance in such circumstances (for example by checking on their well-being in the host family when parents are away) and can also offer bereavement counselling to students.

100% attendance of our whole community is the best way to ensure the highest possible achievement for all.

Legal Measures: Ensuring full attendance at the academy is also a legal obligation on parents/carers and the academy and local authority may seek legal measures including fixed penalty fines and taking parents/carers to court in cases of repeated and/or persistent non-attendance.

Safeguarding: Student non-attendance is also monitored as a potential indicator of safeguarding issues in the home or elsewhere outside of the academy. These might include neglect, abuse, forced marriage, radicalisation, bullying, FGM, involvement with drug or gangs, mental health issues, suicide risk, malnutrition, etc. This safeguarding responsibility (and duty of care to its students) is taken very seriously.

Parents/carers are asked therefore to be understanding when the academy or local authority investigates non-attendance and to avoid being defensive to our staff who are looking out for those children who may be in need of help. The academy has a zero tolerance approach to aggression … to its staff and will prosecute where necessary. The academy may consider whether such unacceptable behaviour is an attempt to distract or conceal a safeguarding problem from the authorities.

In some circumstances, academy staff may ask to wear body cameras when making home visits (see the academy's privacy statement for compliance with GDPR).

ABSENCE PROCEDURES (First Day / Third Day / Sixth Day)

The academy telephone number is: 020 8897 2001, Option '1' for absence reporting.

ONE OR PART  DAY ABSENCE: Whenever a student is truly unavoidably absent from the academy, parents or carers must contact the academy by phone by 9 am on the FIRST DAY of absence and give the reason for the absence.

Even for singles day absences, parents/carers should make arrangements for their child to continue their learning at home where they are capable of so doing. This would include doing homework, accessing learning resources from FROG, that academy's online learning environment.

The academy cannot facilitate catching up on missed work so students and their parents are encouraged to seek out classmates who can assist. However, there is no substitute for being in class.

ABSENCES KNOWN IN ADVANCE: Planned absence should be notified in advance in the same way (by phone) but giving the maximum possible notice to the academy.

The attendance line is Option 1 after the introductory message when calling the academy switchboard on 0208 897 2001. 

Parents/Carers must leave a voice message after the tone so it is important to speak clearly and give details of your child and their reason for absence.

Voice messages will automatically be converted into email alerts for the relevant Attendance Officer.

Please leave a contact telephone number and email within the voice message in case the attendance officer needs to make contact.

The Attendance Officer may seek further information by contacting parents/carers/students from the first day and in some cases will make a home visit during an absence.

Details of absences will be recorded on the student's electronic file (Please refer to the academy's privacy notice page for GDPR compliance information).

Any student who is unavoidably absent from the academy must return to their studies at the academy as soon as they are fit to do so.

PROLONGED ABSENCE: In cases of unavoidable prolonged absence, the parent/carer must call the academy again on the THIRD DAY of absence to give an update on the continued absence and likely return date.

In some cases, including hospital stays where there is an education facility in the hospital, the academy may make arrangements for education off site, liaising with the providers as needed.

On return to school, a student may be required to bring a letter from their parent/carers to explain the absence but this is not necessary for every absence.

SIXTH DAY: A medical letter or certificate will be required for sickness absences longer than 5 academy days.

AUTHORISED ABSENCE: Only some essential or serious hospital appointments and visits to the orthodontist (not dentist) will be authorised. Evidence will be required before authorisation will be considered.

Otherwise, the Headteacher has only very limited discretion to authorise absence in truly exceptional circumstances so it would be very rare for any other absence reason to be able to be authorised. 

All routine medical and dental appointments should be made after school hours, on teacher training days, at weekends or in academy holidays.

Holidays in term time are NOT allowed. The school is closed for 175/176 days including at least 13 full weeks each year and holidays must only be taken during this time be careful not to book holidays before term has finished or after it as started.

Any absence in term time will be rigorously followed up by the attendance officers.

Families with children in more than one school/academy: Whilst Cranford liaises with other schools (maintained and academies), it is inevitable that there will be some differences between institutions in patterns of opening, term dates and start and finish times.

It is the obligation on parents/carers with children to ensure that they check the school dates and times for all their children before making commitments and booking holidays.

Cranford Community College is an independent school and will not accept claims that other schools have agreed to absence or authorised absence for other family members.

No school or headteacher should be authorising or condoning absence during term time, in their school or in any other school, as parents are legally bound to send their child to school adhering to the published dates for each school/academy.

The Education Welfare Service (EWS) at Hounslow Council and the Attendance Team

Although located in Hounslow, Cranford Community College is an academy, which is an independent school and is not part of Hounslow Council or any other local authority.

However, Hounslow Council retains some statutory obligations regarding student attendance and welfare, and Cranford Community College works in strong partnership with the local education authorities that our students hail from and Hounslow Council in particular to promote full attendance and child safeguarding.

The Education Welfare Service (EWS) at Hounslow Council works closely with the academy to monitor all student non-attendance and has an obligation to intervene with families when the academy reports concerns around non-attendance and /or child welfare.

Parents/carers must make sure their children attend school regularly. They have a legal responsibility to ensure they do so and Hounslow has powers to take legal action when parents/carers do not send their child to school every day during term time.

Ms Hassania (see below) is the academy's Senior Attendance & Welfare Officer. She oversees the monitoring of student attendance and ensures appropriate follow-up for students who do not attend school regularly and punctually, including organising home visits, fines, prosecutions and the involvement of other agencies such as social care and the police. Parents/carers may also contact Ms Hassania using the link below to send a web based email.  

aha attendance picture         

Mrs Hassania                   
Senior Attendance Officer              


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