Uniform / Dress Code

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Correct academy uniform is compulsory for Years 7 – 11. A compulsory common 'Dress Code' applies in the sixth form and for academy staff. Details are found via this web page.

The uniform and dress code policy also sets out the academy's expectations and rules in terms of jewellery, hairstyles, make-up, personal hygiene and essential religious wear.

Parents, Carers and students may also refer to the academy's Pupil Behaviour and Discipline Policy (Click Here) to be clear on the types of items that are prohibited or banned and the rules around confiscation at Cranford Community College, which all may be different from other schools/academies.

Students transferring to Cranford Community College from others schools or academies, and their parents, must take responsibility for familiarising themselves with the expectations, requirements. policies and rules of Cranford Community College before applying for a place.

In accepting the offer of a place, students and their parents are accepting the requirements of this particular academy and can contribute to policy development through the normal consultation processes.

In addition to what students and staff wear, it matters how clothing is worn, so the academy also has requirements in terms of appearance and personal hygiene:

Everyone in the academy must dress in a way which:

  •  is not likely to render them vulnerable to criticism or allegation,
  •  is not likely to be viewed as offensive, revealing or sexually provocative,
  •  does not distract, cause embarrassment or give rise to misunderstanding
  •  does not include any political or otherwise contentious symbolism or slogans
  •  is not considered to be discriminatory
  •  is respectful of ethnic and cultural differences
  •  Is smart, clean, kept and ‘neat and tidy’ (This concept includes the expectation that clothes will be ironed or unwrinkled, shirts will be tucked in, trousers legs will not be tucked into socks, well-ordered, etc.)
  •  maintains effective personal hygiene

The Academy Trust expects students and staff to look their best at all times, inside and outside the academy, and when representing the academy in any capacity and in public.

Students are expected to wear the academy uniform with a strong sense of collegiality and pride in being part of this outstanding academy and when representing Cranford Community College.

Cranford Community College has chosen its uniform to ensure that it is smart and formal whilst also being affordable, with most items purchasable from major supermarkets and with minimal branding costs. The uniform and dress code are intended to be gender neutral.

For ease, many items are available are competitive rates from the 'Academy Shop' and purchases of uniform and a range of other educational items can be made in advance, online using the academy's online cashless payment system, ParentPay. 

The academy is a cashless organisation and all academy shop payments over £5 must be made online. All payments for other things such as food from the canteens and the charges for extra-curricular activities must be made online (there is no cash payment facility) regardless of the value.

Click here for Cranford's Uniform and Dress Policy for all students and staff 2018-2019

Click here for the uniform and academy shop price list *

(*) Uniform prices were correct at time of going to print.

At Cranford Community College, sixth form students and staff are expected to dress smartly and any outfit worn must, in its entirety, be deemed to be smart.

The Headteacher is the final arbiter in any disputes or interpretation of the uniform and dress code.

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