Student Leadership Quartet 2016/2017


Hasan Almosoy (Head Boy 2016-2017)

“Across my six years at Cranford, the role of Head Boy is a position that I have truly aspired to. What Cranford has taught me stretches beyond the national curriculum; it has moulded me into a confident and motivated young man who seeks to empower and inspire all those around me. Therefore, I see the role of Head boy as an opportunity for myself to give back and help ensure all pupils reach their maximum potential. I hope to be an individual who is able to make genuine changes by listening to the views of students and working with teachers to improve the experience of learning at our outstanding school. With my perseverance, collaborative nature and passion for the role, I believe I am now able to create such change. I feel truly privileged and honoured to be trusted with such a role and look forward to my journey as Head Boy of Cranford Community College”.


Sahithya Natarajan (Head Girl 2016-2017)

“The inspiration to apply for the honourable role of the Head Girl stemmed from my inherent passion for our school, the positivity it embraces and the platform it provides for me to excel as an individual, academically and personally. Being elected as Head Girl fills me with immense pride; to be able to represent my school in the highest way possible has always been my goal and I am extremely happy to have fulfilled this. I am aware that with this role comes great responsibility, but I am prepared to shoulder all my duties with enthusiasm and channel the passion I have for my school in a positive manner. I look forward to implementing the ideas voiced by the students and myself and work alongside my colleagues in the quartet in order to create a collective change. Most importantly I wish to embrace the fruitful learning curve offered by this opportunity, which will aid me in becoming a well-rounded individual in the future”.


Mandip Gill (Deputy Head Boy 2016-2017)

“I have been a student at Cranford for 6 years so when the opportunity of applying for the post of Head Boy arose, I decided to apply for this prestigious role. The application process was rigorous and pushed me to the limit. Despite missing out on the position of Head Boy, I am delighted to have been given the role of Deputy Head Boy. The role of Deputy Head Boy will enable me to increase my leadership and communication skills whilst helping me build a rapport with other students. These characteristics will help me in the future as I aspire to read law at university for which I am currently studying maths, history and economics. I am honoured that I have been gifted the opportunity to become Cranford’s Deputy Head Boy and I aim to work with the Leadership Quartet to determine the best possible outcomes for Cranford”.


Rimsha Amjad (Deputy Head Girl 2016-2017)

“I applied for Head Girl because I wanted to provide the same encouragement and support that I was given at my time in this school, to the younger students. I believed that any changes that are made would mostly affect the lower year groups so it is important to hear their voice.

Having this role allows me to contribute to developments within the school. I want to be someone students can approach regarding any problems, suggestions or just general questions. In my role as Deputy Head Girl I would like to run the school council system and ensure it is run efficiently and deemed as an important within every year group. I look forward to making the school an even more pleasurable and enjoyable place to be and make the road, for future and current students, as smooth as possible towards their successful future”. 

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