Posted on August 27th 2019

Record-breaking GCSE results again at Cranford Community College

We are absolutely thrilled by the tremendous GCSE results our Year 11 students have achieved at GCSE surpassing even last year’s record-breaking results.


Progress is stunning and once again very significantly above the national average. There are so many Cranford students who have done exceptionally well it is hard to just pick a few. Some particular stars include:


  • Namra Ansar who achieved the top grade 9 in all her attainment 8 subjects resulting in an attainment score of 90 which cannot be beaten anywhere in the country!


  • Aliza Abbas, Neha Hussain, Harit Boonyarakyotin, Warda Hashi, Warda Khalif, Shreya Shrestha, Rajvir Sran and Kimran Virk who all averaged 8.5 across their subjects managing a breath-taking 43 top grade 9s and 27 grade 8s between them.


  • Three other students alongside Namra, Laura Chicharo Freire, Atanas Aleksandrov and Suman Tonaja have Progress 8 scores which show that, at Cranford, they achieved on average at least 3 grades better in every subject than other students nationally.


  • Haroon Lukka who achieved an A* in A-level Maths alongside his 4 grade 9s at GCSE despite being only 15.


The students and staff at Cranford Community College continue to produce stellar results in Science, Mathematics and English and the amazing scores across the EBACC subjects demonstrate how that success permeates across the whole curriculum. This provides solid evidence that a higher proportion of Cranford children, at over double the national percentage, study and succeed with a much richer and broader curriculum than in most state schools.


Cranford is also proud, as a Language College with World Class Status, with international dimension inscribed in its academy status and having won a myriad of international schools awards to celebrate also the huge number of children that have achieved highly in languages and the arts.


Congratulations and thanks to all our students and staff, and importantly our supportive and loyal families, on their truly phenomenal efforts and these well-deserved outcomes.


Kevin Prunty,

Executive Headteacher

National Leader of Education

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