Posted on June 23rd 2016

Cranford Community College celebrates Arts and Culture

On Thursday 23rd June 2016 students, staff, parents and guests braved the rain and joined us to celebrate the outstanding talent of our students in art, design and technology, music and creative writing.

The event was an opportunity for students to exhibit their work through various ADT projects at GCSE and A Level alongside performances by our RSL music students and readings from our First Story cohort 2016 and their anthology entitled “There’s Always One”.

The diversity and creativity of the work in 2D, 3D, textiles and ceramics demonstrated the wide range of materials used to create some of the most dramatic and complex pieces ever exhibited, all of which showed the hours of work and commitment by the students, supported by their teachers, to realise their ideas to a conclusion.

In addition the exhibition recognised five students’ work in particular who were nominated for the Tracey Fletcher Award, created in memory of a former Head of Art. The winner, Sarah Hamza was presented with the award by Veronique Gerber, Head of School.

The exhibition provided a fitting backdrop to the second half of the evening when the audience was treated to some exceptional performances by our year 10 RSL students of Beethoven, Adele and Sartie, interspersed with some amazing readings from their anthology, some very personal and poignant, some humorous.  

Seema Sethi, Head of Performing Arts, hosted the event and spoke with passion about the importance of the arts in education and how Cranford is a beacon of good practice, led by the Executive Head teacher, Kevin Prunty in embracing all aspects of the arts as fundamental to a child’s life and personal growth. 

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