Posted on May 12th 2016

Double celebrations for the Maths department

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We are delighted to announce that the Maths department has been awarded the Prince’s Trust Institute Mark. The Prince’s Trust Institute (PTI) launched the Schools Programme in 2007 to recognise and reward School departments that develop inspirational ideas and activities which enhance the teaching of their subjects regardless of their pupils’ backgrounds or abilities.

We received the mark in recognition of our commitment to fostering a love for the subject among the students through exciting teaching and events such as; puzzle days and competitions, team Maths challenges and Rock Star times tables.

We are continuing our work with the Prince’s trust this year, focusing on developing challenging, but fulfilling, Maths lessons that prepare our students for the new GCSE qualification.

We continue our celebrations with our recent successes in the national Maths Challenges both at senior and intermediate level. On Thursday 5th November 2015, 60 year 12s and 13s sat the Senior Maths challenge, and we are delighted to announce that we received 1 Silver award and 8 Bronze awards. This success was followed by the year 9, 10 and 11’s in the Intermediate Maths Challenge on Thursday  4th February 2016 whose results were outstanding with 7 Gold Awards, 14 Silver Awards and 31 Bronze Awards.

Congratulations to all the students involved who worked so hard to achieve these results, in particular our Gold Award winners Ritek Kapoor, Hamza Mohamed, Anjitha Anilkumar, Mohamed Gulaid, and Warsan Hashi, from Year 11 and Zahra Sadiq, from Year 9. Our final Gold award winner was Haroon Lukka, whose achievement is exceptional, given that he is currently in Year 7.

Sarah Brackley (Head of Maths Department )

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