Posted on March 22nd 2016

Media Showcase Years 11, 12 & 13

Each year Cranford’s Media students work tirelessly to create original media products for their examination portfolios. This year the department decided to celebrate and share this work with an audience of supporters who have helped our students to bring their products to completion.  Actors, actresses, friends, family and staff all gathered in the concert hall on Wednesday 16th March 2016 to witness these screening premiers and applaud their creators.

Audiences were delighted by the quality of GCSE Documentaries which clearly incorporated typical conventions and demonstrated a high level of skill. ‘Queen of Cakes’ directors Suraiya, Ruby and Usman (Year 11) were even complimented by William Elwes and Sylvie Vu of the Hounslow Media Trust for the professional quality of their production. Year 12 Social Realism film openings engaged viewers and left a sense of intrigue as we wondered where the journeys of protagonist’s in these creative openings would lead. Gurvir, Chloe and Jatin’s (Year 12) opening sequence of ‘Loose Change’ was particularly effective in building audience/character relationships through the use of an original score.

The evening took an emotional turn when audiences were introduced to Road Runner Productions’ short film ‘Escape’ which delved into issues of self-harm and poverty in the life of a young girl. Year 13’s Ashwin, Mahima and Jatinder were extremely proud of the impact they managed to have on an audience through their creativity.

The final screening of the evening was the culmination of a joint project between the Hounslow Media Trust and Cranford students Kulbir, Suraiya and Kayleigh (Year 11) who developed a documentary reflecting on the history of Hounslow high street which was really interesting and gave everyone an insight into their local area which they may not have known before..

We would like to congratulate all the students on their efforts and look forward to future celebrations of our young directors.

Sharandeep Saroya

Head of Media Studies

Click here to view the Media Screening PowerPoint

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