Posted on November 17th 2015

Performance of Macbeth at Beck Theatre

macbeth image 4Cranford Community College presented their production of “Macbeth” at the Beck Theatre on Monday 9th November 2015 and again at Cranford on Monday 16th November 2015 to a packed audience, as part of the Shakespeare in Schools Festival.  The Festival is an international Festival that involves thousands of young people across the world and invites them to engage with the world of Shakespeare.  Students perform in professional venues, have the opportunity to work with professional artists and understand how the themes and issues raised in his plays are still relevant today. 

A cast of 30 students from year 8, 9 and 10 worked with Ms Bahra and Ms Sethi during WFactor to bring this production to life. The students were so nervous before they went on but when they came off stage, the nervousness turned to exhilaration.

macbeth image 3Kevin Prunty, Executive Headteacher said of the “stunning performance” which reminded him of his first experience of the text when he was a boy in school in 1977, was so important to the life of Cranford in giving children the all rounded experience they need in education. He continued by saying how much he supported the inclusion of the arts and those subjects under threat and how relevant the plot, written in the late 1500’s is to the world we live in today.  macbeth image 2

Opportunities like these bring people together, form relationships and friendships that are not forgotten easily…and that is we must continue to give these opportunities to our students, so that we prepare them for life, for the future. 

Lucas, the Shakespeare in Schools Festival Director at the Beck said of the performance;

The students from Cranford…well, you all did a stunning job, you worked as an ensemble and created moments on stage that were very powerful. 

And so say all of us. Well done

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