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Cranford Community College & Pupil Premium

When the Pupil Premium funding was announced by the Government, Cranford College made the decision that this money would benefit our students most by being used strategically rather than through a series of ad hoc or bolt-on measures.

The academy is in the second highest quintile for free school meals (FSM) and has a comparatively large cohort of Looked After Children (LAC). Deprivation and ward data also demonstrates high levels of deprivation in the local community.  Nationally, Disadvantaged Pupils targeted by the pupil premium funding tend to be over represented in terms of under achievement, less enrichment opportunities in the home and lower aspirations overall.

The Pupil Premium allocation for Cranford Community College was £329,120 in 2017-2018

The allocation has been spent in a number of different but targeted ways:

  • To subsidise the development and staffing of the Literacy and Numeracy Centre for our students with specific needs in those areas (accelerating progress and providing catch up sessions for pupils with low attainment on entry and where learning in the home is less well resourced).

  • To continue to invest in Information Computer Technology (ICT) equipment with those who do not have ICT facilities at home particularly in mind and to fund the supervision of ICT Centres open before and after the academy day for their use.

  • To part fund the Sixth Form Study Centres for sixth form use during the academy day and after school.

  • To subsidise our biometric catering system thus avoiding a situation where students eligible for free school meals (FSM) might feel any sense of difference from their peers.

  • To fund targeted curriculum developments such as W Factor and Targeted Intervention (TI) days which provide a wide range of enrichment and aspiration raising events, learning experiences and unique opportunities.

  • To fund highly personalised pathways and the Three Bridges Twilight School where vulnerable students receive small group teaching with a high staff/student ratio and bespoke learning programmes.

  • To increase staffing levels to improve pupil-teacher ratios, particularly in English/Literacy/English as an Additional Language (EAL), Mathematics/Numeracy and Science.

  • To nurture more able students.

  • To employ Family Support Workers (FSW) and Traveller Support Worker for outreach work with our students’ families in need.

  • To complement our departmental capitation and ensure our departments are able to provide resources for students who are less able to purchase them for themselves.

  • To assist individual students with uniform and trip grants.

The impact of the pupil premium allocation on educational outcomes has been manifold and can be seen through:

  • The Progress 8 performance measure for Disadvantaged Pupils has been significantly above the national and in the top 20% of schools nationally for at least 2 years.

  • In 2017 Progress 8 was in the highest 10% of schools nationally for Disadvantaged Pupils.

  • Progress 8 for maths and EBAcc subjects has been in top 20% for Disadvantaged Pupils for at least 2 years.

  • In 2017 Progress 8 was significantly above the national for English and maths and the value added in science was also significantly above the national for Disadvantaged Pupils.

  • The excellent attendance rate which is well above the national average for all schools including the rate for persistent absentees who traditionally come from vulnerable and deprived families.

  • The fact that the school was graded outstanding in all areas by Ofsted and has sustained these outstanding outcomes year on year, winning SSAT awards for pupil progress annually.

  • The very high rates of parent and pupil satisfaction and the fact that the local community is proud of its school and chooses it for their children, often in preference to local Grammar Schools.

The Pupil Premium allocation for Cranford Community College is £326,315 in 2018-2019
Because our targeted use of this funding has yielded such positive results last year, we plan to use this funding for the coming year in the same way.

Kevin Prunty
Executive Headteacher and National Leader of Education

Please find attached Pupil Premium Statement 2018/19

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